Reading someone elses weblog is cool. It inspires you, and gets you motivated to keep your own updated as well. Yes, it helps you keep the bigger picture in view.

I’ve been doing C programming lately… trying to get my head around C pointers (again? haven’t i done this language before?). It would seem that C has been around for years and its still used so much, especially in the Linux world. I enjoy it, (programming) especially when i get something working the way I want.

I’ve been cooking lately. I discovered how to make dough with the food processor. Check out some of the pics of my creations on http://lyynx.dyndns.org under the photo album link.

My brother is coming along with his business. He just got a heap of new parts for his prototype PC. Lives in Mildura, and is building a business making PC’s for gamers and musicians. Black Cat computers, I think he’s called it. Hope it all pans out for him.

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