Tonight Michelle and I went to the CSC sundowner, and I enjoyed it. It was cool meeting more people who work for CSC who I haven’t met. Its kind of strange being in a room full of strangers who all work for the same company as you. Most of the people I work with wussed out so wern’t there.

I’m stressing out a little bit about Uni at the moment. I’ve got a technical paper to write on File Systems for Operating Systems and I didnt do as good as I would have liked in my last essay (it was also my first!). On the other side of the coin i’ve found some pretty damned cool stuff that I did not know. One part of the paper is to outline future directions in file systems and I’ve found some stuff outlining the file systems they are planning for the next version of XP/Windows. Basically its a database instead of a bunch of files. It will have a service that allows you to view the contents of the database in the old familiar hierarchical views of todays file systems, but the bonuses will come with the stuff that databases do best. Searching! You will be able to do searches on the database which will be fast compared with today. There will also be some XML features hooked into it so that just makes it more flexible.

The wedding plans are coming along. We have a Celebrate and we have some stuff to read over and choose what will be said during the ceremony. Its not going to be a big fan fare event. The girls have chosen their dresses (Jess, Katie AND Emily) and Michelle (and my mum) will be making them. Emily is pretty excited about it. She really growing fast. Shes six now and has such a personality. Shes as bright as a button, and doesnt miss a thing. She also gets on great with Jess and Katie like they are sisters, which is great.

The wedding will be in a park in Subiaco, called Subiaco Commons, its a little park hidden away between a heap of those flash homes they cram next to each other… Its a nice park though, and I walk through it on the way to and from work each day. You wouldnt even know it was there, its tucked away. The reception will be at the parents house of a friend of Michelle’s. Then on the 7th of Jan Michelle and I fly off to Brisbane for two weeks. Its the first time we will be alone for so long ever! We will backpack it, and also visit my Dad who lives up that way now. I think we’ll also stay on Fraser Island.

Fraser Island

Anyway, the cards are not happening at the moment. After the cards went to a 4 day show in the UK, the distributor decided that the other range (from another producer/artist) was more popular and they werent going to distribute mine. Bummer. Looks like I wont be the over night success after all. Never mind, Dave is looking at other markets and other distributors. Also tossing up some other design ideas, such as arty cards, or maybe occasion cards. Will see where that goes. I think we have the goods, we just have to find the market!

Stay tuned.



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