Time for another update on the saga of me.

Spent the weekend painting. We got the keys on Friday, and so Saturday the painting began… we got a fair bit done too, with the help of Lucas, Michelle’s brother, Michelle and myself painting like kids at a kindergarden fingerpainting.

The unfun part was the fact that i somehow pinched a nerve in my back and could hardly move. I think i need a medal, i was in pain (still am) the whole weekend, up and down that step-ladder. Aahhhhhhhhhh… now i know how my poor Dad feels. (Damn genetics, i think i inherited a bad back…)

Its almost better now, I can move around now almost pain free. I’m wondering if I did it on the Friday… I was home looking after Katie (she had her tonsils out earlier in the week) and fell. I was stepping over a plastic crate and my foot caught it and i fell full force onto the crate with my knee… landing on my hands. Broke the crate too, but i felt fine once i recovered from the trip. I’m wondering if i jarred my spine or something? Who knows… I should live.

On other news… I got my Everquest 2 character creation kit the other day. EQ1 had me hooked for three years. I can see EQ2 being so much better… for one, they are promising the game will also cater for the casual gamer which is good for me, as I have so much other stuff to do that a game wouldnt get very much play compared to the old EQ1 days. I’ll be upgrading my graphics card just before i get the EQ2 which should be in November. Going to get me the latest Nvidia 6800 Ultra, but wont get the 256Mb version.. for $300 less I can get the 128Mb version (hardly a difference in performance) and with the extra $300 I can upgrade my CPU (If it needs it… )

Should be fun…

Other news… I’ve been playing with DotNetNuke. Used it to create my web site www.littlevoices.com and also my brothers site www.blackcatpcs.com.au

Its pretty cool, and I will get some example code and write a few modules for the DotNetNuke… Its the lazy man’s web site… very powerful. www.dotnetnuke.com

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