Musing of the Muse

The Bunny post was not done by me, just in case anyone was wondering. I find the bunny toons very cool. I like the lines and the ideas are ok, with a few bizarre and some funny ones.

Follow the link under the post to find more of them. Something else that impresses me is that this guy (or gal? I’ve not checked) does one every day. That’s very impressive, I’m hard pressed to come up with something every week. Although I am still trying to find a style I like, I keep coming back to my spiders. The ideas keep coming but I worry that they are too simplistic. How many spiders can you do hanging on threads having conversations. I guess I’ll keep drawing them until there are no more.

I’m going to start using my blog to post my cartoons, and then keep them in a gallery on my web server. I’ve yet to figure out a way to see how many readers my blog attracts.

Stay tuned for more little bites… (that’s the spider strip)

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