Too much to read

I think I’m hitting overload on the blogging department so I really should make an entry.

Something I’ve been playing with is RSS readers on my Smartphone. The biggest problem I’ve found so far, apart from the apparent lack of a good reader, is that they all want to use my GPRS connection. The only way I can be sure that my phone isn’t jumping online and downloading content is to have it in the cradle. (It disables GPRS while in the cradle, and uses the passthough. Which doesn’t work real well through a proxy but that could be a setting somewhere.)

I’d love to be able to deny certain applications from using GPRS. Of course if Telstra had an affordable unlimited GPRS plan then it wouldn’t be a problem would it? I mean its not like I’m going to be downloading big files is it? It’s a phone with fairly limited storage.

Anyway, I’m thinking I will have to write my own offline RSS reader or something… It has gotten me to dig out my Toshiba Pocket PC and set that up for reading RSS. Maybe an alternate Outlook mail reader would do the job? I could then sync the messages via Outlook/Newsgator and then use a custom reader to view the messages. I wonder if outlook messages are hard to read?

Also I need to cut down on the number of blogs I read. Scobliezer is one I should stay away from. He’s got lots of great stuff to say but GOD he blogs too much. Its like 20 messages a day or something. If I can get this running on my phone then I can utilise the bus time better.


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