Things I’m up to at the moment.

  • Doing tax stuff. Tax agent has been taking aaages and now someone else at their office has taken over and is asking lots of questions. Some of which I’ve previously answered. You get that.
  • Weblogging. I should be asleep, i’m not feeling 100%. Got the sniffles and a pre-flu back ache.
  • Setting up my web site again… I somehow trashed DotNetNuke. I have a feeling if you even go NEAR the Application installers on DotNetPark (my host) it trashes the database. I tried a restore but it didn’t help, so I thought Ah well I wanted to try out Community Server anyway for another project.
  • Avoiding gaming. I want to code and I want to play WOW. (World of Warcraft). Can’t do both unfortunately.
  • Today I went to a .net coffee meeting, a really good idea. Met some new guys in the .net world. Its a regular thing and Nick has a post or two about it. I was pretty impressed to see Nick did his homework and the cafe has wi-fi! Nice one! for more info about that.
  • I just signed up for a beta for which looks to be a kid friendly SecondLife. I’ve beta tested a LOT of MMORPGs. Some of which include;
  1. Star Wars Galaxies
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. Anarchy Online
  4. The Matrix
  5. D&D Online
  6. GuildWars
  7. Possibly others…

Ones i’ve played’

  1. Active Worlds (kind of like SecondLife I believe)
  2. Everquest
  3. Everquest 2
  4. Horizons
  5. Eve Online
  6. GuildWars
  7. Asheron’s Call
  8. World of Warcraft

Hmm… quite an impressive list when you look at them all at once. No wonder my wife complains. hehe…

  • Oh, also in the process of organising finance to bulldoze my house and build a new one!! Exciting times!

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