Desk Pic

Thought I’d take a pic of my desk at home. Had no end of troubles with the camera on my phone, it kept changing the light depending what it was focused on. Focussing on the screen made everything else too dark but focussing away from the screen made the screen super bright. Ah well, you get the idea anyway.

I’ve had lots of problems with my JasJam’s camera. It seems to kill the camera if there is too much light. Sometimes when outside in the sun I either get a completely black or grey picture (as if the lens cap was on!) or the camera application just completely closes as if I had pressed the X. If i try to open the camera application again I get an error saying “The camera device is in used.” Yes, it has the spelling mistake!! I then have to reset the phone to get the camera working again… And there goes the photo opportunity.

I think my phone is trying to be too many things at once. Everything else it does it does pretty well…

Michelle lost my digital camera which was a Sony cybershot. Cost me $1000 about 4 years ago. I think i got a few thousand photos out of it and it might turn up again… It went missing once before and just as I was about to buy a new one it turned up.

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