I found this interesting link FOCUS where they discuss using virtual reality to help treat the fear of speaking in front of an audience.
I think this is a fantastic idea. Instead of seeing a room full of threatening people you only see your mum and that chick from down the street you want to shag… people you want to impress with your verbal prowess.

Then again that might have the opposite effect. Ok, so lets go for the naked audience. Who needs to visualise when you can have it with VR!? Lets hope the speaker has a podium to stand behind…

So how does this relate to blogging? A friend of mine, a brilliant, but somehow yet undiscovered author, told me that he doesn’t have a blog. It’s a shame. I know he will read this entry (I’m going to make him) so just to reiterate my point… I think hes scared of having a blog because he doesn’t want an audience. He also mumbled something about relating to people, something about Namibia and Aardvark testicles.

I won’t go too much into it, but he’s quite happy to post comments on other people’s blogs. Fear of commitment maybe? Lurking in annonominity perhaps!? Obsessive compulsive comment spammer? Now we know how some spam gets by those little “pictures of letters that you can’t read” spam blockers.

I’ve forgotten my point…

2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Your point was to try and manipulate me into starting a blogg somewhere out there in there in the wide world, however, you are the master of your own undoing. All bloggs, as far as I know, have the ability for readers to leave a comment, I am one of those readers. Consider if I were to commence my own blogg, this reduces the time I spend reading and commenting with others. Surely the central reason for a blogg is to share and communicate, surely if I start my own and commit time to that I reduce the time I spend interacting. If everyone pursued the same course then fewer blogs would be read with fewer commits thusly, less communication. The cyclic effect being, people would stop writing bloggs because no-one would give them feedback therefore they would lose interest. Less bloggs means less use of the internet and therefore an increase in provider prices due to a downturn in profit, increase in prices means less users as it becomes unaffordable for most people. No one wants to listen to the rich so, less use of the internet reduces the amount of revenue for infrustructure enhancements, technology slips, interest wans and finally the entire internet collpases and consequently no more bloggs for anyone. Once you understand that you see that the service I perform by reading and communicating is just as important as those who creat their own blogg for without people like me, the delicate balance of international communication would collpase and the ramifications would be globaly felt.


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