Windows Home Server

Lucky me, I’m beta testing Windows Home Server. I found a pretty good review of what WHS is all about so I won’t cover that but I will blog about how it goes for me.
Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows: Windows Home Server Preview

I started off by downloading the images. There was one DVD image (Server) and two CD images. First CD image was the client install CD and the other was a home PC restore cd. From reading the docs you install the client install on each of your home PC’s that you want to talk to the server. The other CD is used to do a PC rebuild/restore. The idea is in the case of a complete failure you can restore your Pc from scratch. The whole thing is backed up on the server. Cool!! I guess that gets around my recent frustration when i discovered that Vista’s built in backup software is limited in control.

My progress hasn’t been so good. I burnt the images to DVD/CD which required me to find something that allowed me to actually burn images under Vista. I found a free tool that works well. (the name of it escapes me). I then grabbed my old Toshiba laptop which currently has the CTP build of Longhorn on it and booted up the DVD. I didn’t get very far… I got an error that basically told me 368Mb of RAM isn’t enough to install WHS. I was really surprised… firstly that my laptop only had 367Mb of RAM (I thought it had more!!) and secondly because Longhorn installed onto it with no problems. Minimum memory requirement of WHS is 512Mb. Strange, the docs say that WHS is designed to be able to be put on your old computer that you are not using anymore… I have about 8 computers at home, more if you count the ones that don’t have enough working parts to be functional and I still don’t have a spare computer i’m not using.

I priced up some parts for a new server to be my WHS server and ended up going high end with all the parts essentially making a better Pc than my desktop/gaming PC. So I scrapped that idea and decided to buy a whole new system and make my current desktop into the WHS. Business plan approval rejected by the missus… Doh! Ok, so that project is currently on hold until I get the funds (and approval) to proceed. 🙂

Stay tuned for more WHS beta testing when I get it installed… Hmm… might try a couple of installs on a virtual machine!

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