.Net Cafe meet

Not a bad turn out for the Perth .net coffee meet this week.

Dave Gardner
Hadley Willan
Keith Woods
Mike… um… dang not sure on his last name.
and me…

Spruiked on about geeky stuff for an hour or so. Solved world hunger… starting with my hunger. Will get to the world next. I’m still here at Tiger Tiger with Dave. I think he’s working, where as i’m doing some study… (Wireless vulnerabilities). I’ve got the afternoon to kill as the pMug meeting is this afternoon.

For those not in the know, pMug is the Perth Mobility User Group which is all things mobile… i figured my laptop battery should get me most of the way to 5pm and the meeting is at 5.30. http://www.aususergroups.org/pmug/ for more info.

3 thoughts on “.Net Cafe meet

  1. Oh and anyone planning on the pMug meeting, it’s been cancelled. My laptop battery went dead then i started browsing on my phone. Noticed an email that hadn’t been forwarded informing me that it wasn’t on. Ah well, at least I got some study done.


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