Back from Code Camp Oz 2007

Well I’m back now from Code Camp Oz and really enjoyed it. Definitely worth going even if it was a long way to travel. It would have been much easier to get to if it had been held in Sydney or Melbourne. The extra travel to Wagga Wagga makes getting there an extra step I can see some might baulk at.

I support Nick’s suggestion to moving it to a more friendly location. Some advantages I see would be increased numbers from people who are close to the venue. Alternating between Sydney and Melbourne each year I think would work well. The down side is you miss out on the visit to Wagga Wagga. Some would say that would be an advantage but I admit I did enjoy seeing Wagga, and the University/Winery etc was nice to visit.

I’ve added mine pictures which you can find at the url above. If you go to the url below you can see some pics from other people who have put stuff up on Flickr.

Think I’ll be going next year too. Might even become a .Net Code Camp groupie… travel the world going to Code Camps worldwide. Hmm… interesting idea, think I’ll look into that. 🙂

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