Windows Home Server

After a long weekend that took forever to end (I was waiting for the computer shop to open so I could pick up the new power supply and 500Gb drive I had ordered) I’m now on the way to installing WHS.

Put new power supply into Athlon 64 machine (old one fried when fan died) and installed new 500Gb hard drive. Drive would not be recognised by server. The damn thing was so quiet that I didn’t think it was even powering up!! Tried it in my other server (the server that will eventually have WHS) that currently has 5 drives in it. No go. Checked invoice… ahh… It’s a SATA2 drive. Cool! Not cool. Doesn’t seem to be backward compatible with SATA1 controllers.

Did some research and found the drive can be put into SATA1 mode (The drive does Auto speed detection but the controller has to support it.) First hurdle sorted. Got drive going and then discovered that machine only has a CD drive, no DVD. Not wanting to steal a DVD drive from any other PC’s I decided to install XP instead of Vista. Might be able to install Vista later across the network.

So now i’m moving data from the WHS server (currently running Vista) to the new XP machine. Need to get everything off the Raid0 drives so I can break the raid into seperate drives, as well as clear a 250Gb drive to install WHS onto (with all other drives unplugged). I’m hoping once I have WHS installed on a single drive that I can plug in the other drives without formatting them and then copy the data to the WHS share. I’ve learned how to add and remove drives (its in one of the manuals) and it seems straight forward but the drives get wiped.

The next week or so is going to be juggling data from drive to drive etc. I’m just thinking now while I type this that maybe I should start over… moving this amount of data across the network is too slow. Think i’ll put the 500Gb drive into the WHS server and make that the system drive. The recommendation is for the system drive to be the largest drive and it will get rid of the issue of trying to clear a drive for the install.

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