More WHS…

Seems like all I’m doing lately is blog about WHS. The CTP came out a few days ago. I’ve downloaded it and after a bit of research to see if anyone else had had issues (there were some but I did it anyway) and it all went very smoothly.

Some extra polish is noticable and the upgrade process was straight forward. It basically formats the system drive and installs a fresh one. All of the tombstone data lives on the data partition (it splits your main install disk into a 10Gb system and the rest data). It was nice to see this data partition was left alone.

Interestingly two disks were missing until I installed the Sata drivers, but all the data seemed to be there. I suspect that was because the data I was looking at was not located on those disks. Installed drivers and everything is working nicely.

Am currently backing up my laptop and my wife’s laptop (both via wireless) and a backup takes a few minutes (only changed clusters are copied to the server). The restore I did a few days ago is going fine. all the backups were still available after the upgrade. I read that was a problem upgrading to the beta2 from previous version but beta2 was my first install.

This product is going to do really well. It’s awesome!

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