I stumbled upon not so long ago but for some reason I didn’t download it. I think the thought of paying for backups put me off but they do have a 2Gb free service.

Anyway I was at the Tiger Tiger today and Dave mentioned he uses Mozy and said some good things about it. So I’ve just created an account and downloaded the client. I had a bit of a read of the FAQ’s and unfortunately they don’t support network shares.
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but if you have noticed lately I’ve blogged a fair bit about Windows Home Server… and guess what. The files are only available via the shares, even when you are locally logged into the server, it is recommended highly to access the files via the \\servername\share otherwise you would never know if the file you are accessing is the only copy… (It does duplication for redundancy if you configure it to).
So it looks like I couldn’t use Mozy to do backups of my WHS files if I wanted to.
I think that might be over kill anyway… I’m going to try out the 2Gb free service and then if that goes ok I’ll upgrade to the unlimited. Its way cheaper than buying your own hardware for an offsite backup. Will use it for my documents, cartoons and photos. Not fussed about movies/Tv shows and music.

So far I’m impressed. If you want to try it out let me know, they run a referal system where you can get bonus space on the free account… Click the url and if you start using it I’ll get bonus space. I’ll most likely be upgrading but will give a try to make sure it has no issues.

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