The Singularity Is Near

The Singularity Is Near – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does this spell the beginning or the end? It certainly seems like its a case of when will this happen, not will it happen.

If the human brain can exist then surely it can be reproduced artificially. Computers of the future may actually be grown, not built. If there is a biological component to an artificial life form and it becomes self aware then should it have rights?
Recently, I read that they had introduced human genes into rats and sheep so that they can have a more human like model to perform medial research upon, but does this not mean the animals are part humans? At what point do they have rights?

The future seems to be filled with peril. one slip up and our fragile existence could be snuffed out in an eyeblink. Watch this space…

One thought on “The Singularity Is Near

  1. Of course there’s always the possibility that all of our warcraft characters will come to life as a result… now there’s a positive outlook on it all.Maybe the mouse with an ear growing on it’s back has the right to ask for a pair of earphones… of course with only one ear, he’d be only allowed to have those mono earphones that we use for netchatting.


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