Tabbed Debugging

I just noticed a surprising thing with tabbed browsing and Visual Studio (2003 in this case). If you run a web project in debug mode it opens your default web page and when you close the web page the debugging session stops as you would expect. But if you open new tabs on your browser (talking IE7.0 here of course) and then close the tab with your web app in it, leaving the other tabs open (could be any pages here at all… Google,, whatever) then the debug session stays running.
So I tried this again only this time clicked the “Stop debugging” button in Visual Studio and the whole browser closed. All of the tabs I had open, along with the page being debugged closed without the normal “Do you wish to close all tabs?” prompt. No sign of it. Nothing. No warning…

I was expecting to see either the prompt, or the debugging to be linked up to the tab, not the browser. I can understand why it happens so I guess the prompt would make more sense. I guess the “stop” button means stop NOW, not exit what you are doing.

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