WPF with Lee Brimelow

WPF with Lee Brimelow
Originally uploaded by Lyynx.

Lee has lots of experience with wpf and is a good speaker as well as funny.

Went into some tips about prototyping.

Tools he uses… Photoshop c3, expression blend, VS 2005 and ZAM 3D. (I demo’d that at the perth .net user group)

Showed some of his prototypes as he went through the learning curve of wpf. Mentioned flickr.net a .net library for interfacing with flickr.

Fake 3D carousel… Don’t bother with real 3d if you can get away with it.

Lee recommended stealing ideas and code samples from flash as the wpf resources are still new days.

Was impressed with the performance of wpf, one demo showed hundreds of letters and it was still smooth.

Flickrcube prototype was cool… Check that out.

Phidgets is another cool thing, physical sliders and knobs that you can interface with wpf.

Thewpfblog.com is Lee’s blog. He’s going to post the code and slides. Must say wpf is realy impressive in the right hands.

Hope the above doesn’t come across too random.

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