Imagine Cup 2007

Imagine Cup 2007
Originally uploaded by Lyynx.

The Imagine Cup is being run at the moment in Melbourne. Students enter the competition and are judged by

I stood in on one of the demos where the software was written to help teach visually impared people C#. A noble cause indeed, and a good launguage to learn. 🙂

They called their app Audio Studio.Net which is a good pun on the name Visual studio.

For more info about the Imagine Cup competition check out

Update: The entry I saw ended up being the winning entry for Australia and they get to go on to Korea to compete there! Their team name is Team APA and they are from Canberra (University of Canberra), which is my home town, so way to go fellow Canberrians! 🙂

One thought on “Imagine Cup 2007

  1. Hey Stephen – Glad you liked what the students were presenting at Imagine Cup finals – it is such a small part of ReMix (which was massive) but was still a nightmare to organise (I’m the dude who was running around ReMix trying to get people to pay attention to Imagine Cup)


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