Web development

Web development
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John-Daniel Trask did a great presentation on web development. Covered a tool I have not seen before that is awesome for testing web sites. It’s called WatiN. You record your actions and it creates the C# code to automate the script which you can then use in your unit tests.

He ased how many people knew about continuous integration and unit testing and only 20% of the audience knew about it. Lower than I expected.

He used a bit of code and showed some unit tests and mentioned NUnit as well as TestDriven.Net. The code was C#… 😉

Great tips on web development. Weight of pages is important even when broadband connections are available. A major web site in new zealand demonstrated that trimming the weight has users stay on the site longer meaning more page views.

Showed off Control adapters for menus (think there was some other control types too) which are free controls available on the net.

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