WPF Adventures

Well It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been twittering heaps, and messing about in Facebook. I thought it was time I did a blog entry about what I’ve been upto lately.

I’ve just started a new job this week and my official title is User Interface Developer. I’m still settling in and my responsibilities essentially lie in the UI development of a smart app. So far, I’m loving it. I’m learning things about UI that I didn’t realise I had an interest in, and somehow have built up a pretty good background in UI design without even realising it.

The most exciting part is that I’ll be researching a range of various UI components using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), something I’ve wanted to spend more time on but have been so busy working that I’ve not had time. Now it’s actually my job, so I’m stoked.

Some things I plan to investigate more;
Fancy UI that still has a corporate feel to it
Mapping display of data. similar to Grokker, Kartoo, Digg etc.
Styles and templates (Themes, skinning)

Still pinching myself… Awesome job!

2 thoughts on “WPF Adventures

  1. Congrat! Looking forward to you sharing what you learn about UI with WPF via your blog. Always love to hear feedback.Thanks, RobRob Relyea | Program Manager, WPF & Xaml Language Team< HREF="http://robrelyea.com" REL="nofollow">robrelyea.com<> | < HREF="http://robrelyea.com/blog" REL="nofollow">/blog<> | < HREF="http://robrelyea.com/wpf" REL="nofollow">/wpf<> | < HREF="http://robrelyea.com/xaml" REL="nofollow">/xaml<>


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