Stuff I couldn’t live without…

Ok, I’ve been pinged by one of those viral like list things. Thanks Mike! 🙂

Let’s see now… It’s a fairly short list I think. I don’t like to spread myself too thin. HA! Yeah right.

1. My Brother. He’s been there in my life for as long as I can remember. People say we look alike, sound alike and act alike. We are like ying and yang. The world is not complete without us both in it. Makes me laugh so hard I practically wet myself. 🙂
2. Computers. It’s what I do. I play with computers, work with computers, found my wife on computers, left my first wife via computers… In the last 20 years I can actually remember the few times i’ve not been near one and it was horrible. They are my life.
3. The Internet. See number 1. I have the Internet at home, at work, and in my pocket on my phone. I can imagine a life that is not connected and it scares the shit outta me. I choose online.
4. People. Friends, family and strangers. I like being around people. It’s one thing I love about the Internet is that it lets you socialise. Solitary confinement would make me a crazy person.

I discovered while moving house recently that I had a LOT of crap, some very sentimental, hoarded away in the garage. We filled a miniskip bin that I could have fit my car in with a lot of that crap. Some of it, I had forgotten I owned. Lots of books I’d never read again. It’s gone and if you asked me to list what I threw out, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. good riddence!

I do like my gadets and toys though… That would probably be my number 5 on my list.

oh what? I’m sposed to tag 5 friends? right.. um… ok… not sure if they have been tagged already, i’m a bit behind on my blog reading.

Doug Paice
Alastair Waddell
Mitch Wheat
Nick Randolph
Simon Price – My brother. 🙂

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