Perth Markets this weekend! Australia day weekend!

Ok, someone told me off for not selling myself enough and telling people I’ll be drawing caricatures this weekend at the big launch of the Perth Markets.

For more  info on the event see the official web site at

I’ll be there Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8.30am to 5pm or there abouts. I’m hoping I make the whole weekend but that’s a lot of hours and hopefully a lot of drawing. Come along and check it out, should be a lot of fun. I’ll post some pictures afterwards and if it’s a big success I might make it a regular thing.

Hope to see you there!!

4 thoughts on “Perth Markets this weekend! Australia day weekend!

  1. Stephen, you drew our chldren Travis and Ashlee on Sunday at the Perth markets and really captured the essence of them in your caricature. Many thanks and we intend on framing them.Cheers and thanks againJoel W


  2. Hi, I’m Sharon from “the family of 7” and thank you both for your cartoonising of us. We had a great family day which will be memorialised forever in the two drawings that are not only going to be framed together but I am hoping to get you to email the photo that either you or Jeremy took of us holding the cartoons so it can be incorporated into the mounted display. We are also having a copy done so my dad can take it back to the UK with him. There are 4 generations of us on that caricature!!!! Twas awesome, cheers!!


  3. Hi Sharon, you’re welcome. 🙂send me an email to stephen at my domain name, and I’ll email you the photos. I must find a feedback gadget for my blog that allows you to enter a return email address.


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